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Mission Statement:


To provide food, basic living necessities, and books to those who need our help the most,

    About Us   

Our names are Katy and Jeff Cheng. We are attending eleventh and ninth grade, respectively, at Germantown Academy this fall. We have partnered with New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder, to provide food, toiletries, and gently used books to those in need around our community. Our project, known as Bucks County Community Care, or for short, BCCC, is a non-profit organization. We will go around our neighborhood twice a year to ask if any of our neighbors are willing to donate any items mentioned above that they possibly already have lying around their house.

This will most likely take place once in June, and once during the spring. We will also try to receive donations from our high school once in September. Our organization is sponsored by a few local businesses, and these businesses will match the dollar value of your donations, and contribute their own donations as well. The New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder already receives many generous donations during the busy holiday season, but they really need our help during the slower seasons, such as during the summer. Please know that your donations are truly making a difference for the people who need your help the most. Our goal is to try to help out, even if it’s just a few people. We thank you in advance for your generosity.


New Britain Baptist Food Larder

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